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Finding a Licensed Design Professional:

  • Choosing the right Design Professional - or even finding one - can be difficult in today's environment.

  • In an industry dominated by specialization, how do you find a licensed Engineer (PE) or Architect (RA) that can address your specific needs?

  • If your requirement involves the construction, alteration, or repair of a residential structure, you've come to the right place.

  • We focus on residential buildings and the issues - environmental, structural, code or legal - that arise when you're building, altering, adding-on, buying or selling.

Problems solved,

Vincent Coakley, PE


Why Hire Us?

  • Thirty+ years experience in the residential design and construction industry

  • We concentrate on the local communities of lower Westchester and Fairfield Counties

  • Structural analysis & retrofit

  • Stamped Drawings; Permit Applications

  • C of O issues & Legalizations

  • A range of environmental & Ancillary Services

We now realize the importance of having a real professional address what could have been serious issues; Oliver Engineering did it.

Vince at Oliver Engineering gave us tremendous clarity, insight, and peace of mind..."

- Dr. Enda McGovern

"Home Tech gave us amazingly prompt and professional service.


They explained every detail of our project patiently and knowledgeably and produced  professional and thorough drawings..."


- Brian Corcoran

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NY - PE License #100175
188 North Main Street
Port Chester, NY 10573
Office:  (914) 839-4617

Mobile: (914) 774-9878

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