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Food Service Establishments - in Westchester County.

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Opening a Food Service Establishment in Westchester County:


The Building Department in the municipality having jurisdiction where the establishment is located administers the Building, Fire, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical codes.


In addition, all Food Service Establishments operating – or planning to operate – in New York State are subject to Health Department requirements.


Environmental health protection programs are carried out at the central, regional, district and county levels.


The Westchester County Health Department is headquartered in Mount Kisco, NY.


The Westchester County Sanitary Code, Chapter 873 of the Local Laws of Westchester and the New York State Sanitary Code, Chapter 1, consist of laws enforced by the Westchester County Board of Health and the Westchester County Department of Health to assure the health of the public.

Specifically with regard to the operation of Food Service Establishments in Westchester County, provisions of the Code require that:

  1. Plans and Specifications are to be submitted to the Health Department, per the NOTICE TO PREPARERS OF PLANS FOR CONSTRUCTION AND/OR RENOVATIONS OF A FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT., for review and approval, PRIOR to construction and renovation of a Food Service Establishment
    This applies to new construction, converting an existing building into a food service establishment, or an existing food service establishment that is being remodeled. If renovations are done to existing food service establishments, the establishment is required to conform to current codes and regulations.


  2. A permit must be obtained from the Department, per the NOTICE TO APPLICANTS FOR AN ORIGINAL PERMIT TO OPERATE A FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT., PRIOR to the operation of a Food Service Establishment.

  3. If a Food Service Establishment is to be constructed, enlarged or converted, the Notice of Intent to Construct, Enlarge or Convert a Facility must be filed with the County.

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